Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harrison Bergeron Summary

It was the year 2081 and everyone was finally equal. A few amendments to the Constitution have made everyone equal. A Government agency enforces this and is the most powerful force in the country.

Anyone that is considered above average is given a handicap so it makes them equal with the rest of the population. This ranges from carrying heavy bags to having mental devices that limit and control thought.

Hazel and George are some of the main characters. They are watching the news one day when a story comes on about Harrison escaping from jail and interrupting a dance program. He breaks down the studio door and commands that everyone watch as he removes his handicaps to become leader of the world.

He dances better than anyone has every seen and he kisses one of the ballerinas that were performing when he broke down the door. He is killed by the agency and everyone watching the program has their memories of the event erased.

Hazel and George witness their son's death and are extremely sad, but they don't remember what they're sad about. They go on and continue to live their lives as extremely average people.

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